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Landscape photographer and math teacher from Norway — Website:

Nisi is best known for its high quality filters. The company recently changed its name to Nisi Optics pointing to that a new and extended vision is geared towards also producing quality lenses.

The Nisi 15mm f4 has been long in the making, but it is these days finally hitting the market. The lens is available in full-frame mounts for Nikon Z, Canon RF and Sony E. It also comes with Fuji APS-C X mount. For full frame cameras the lens offers a whopping 112 degree of field of view, which equals 14,5mm.

Built, handling and specifications

The built quality…

When I work with an image I want to create something pleasing to eyes, a piece of art with a wow-factor and a scene which takes the viewer on a journey from foreground to background.

In the creative process of editing an image it is therefore very helpful to have a some sort of template which I can use as a guide. Many call this a creative vision. I would never advocate or introduce rules for landscape photography. The core motivation in my photography is the freedom to express myself in whatever artistic fashion I find fulfilling.

However, I have…

The new Samyang prime lens is incredibly small and lightweight, but yet it offers very good sharpness and image quality.

I have written a more in-depth review on DIY Photography, so the goal of this article is to provide a few sample images shot with the Samyang 18mm.

I am sorry about the image quality when you enlarge the images. Medium is applying some unfortunate image compression. You can, however, view the images on Flickr.

Lier, Norway

Do we have to always buy the newest camera gear on the market? Does the advances in sensor technology mean that older sensors are obsolete, or are these technological advances just minor upgrades? To what degree will they impact our shooting style and image quality? I wanted to find out.


For the past three years I have been a Pentax shooter. I have truly enjoyed the image quality, dynamic range and colors the cameras produce. The K-1 and K-1 MK II are admittedly big and heavy. The built quality is fantastic, though, and so is the weather sealing. …

If you have an image you feel lacks that little extra it often helps to adjust the midtones. To manipulate the midtones in a landscape image is a very powerful way of adding mood and non-linear contrast. The various luminosity mask panels offered today can generate various midtones masks which target specific brightness values in an image.

I do not always generate midtones masks using for example Lumenzia when I want to increase the midtones contrast. Instead, I use a Curves adjustment layer in conjunction with Blend-If. Lets have a look at an example.

I felt that the image below…

Let’s say I for some reason would like to spice up the following sunrise image from Tyrifjorden, Norway. Even though it is a 30 sec exposure I am of the impression that the sky could benefit from a more pronounced long exposure look.

I start out with making a selection of the sky using the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop. The marching ants show the selection we have made.

Ringerike, Norway, February 2019. Pentax K-1 Mark II, Pentax 15–30

Is there a secret formula behind success? Is it a five step program? Or perhaps even ten steps? What does it take? I believe there are a few keys which unlock the door. But, before we move on; what is success? We will discuss that in more detail at the end of the article.

We will start out with two of my images. This first image was shot back in 2013.

That photography has a good impact on people’s mental health is an indisputable fact. This is true for both photographers and viewers. I have read not few testimonies from persons whose mental issues have been improved due to photography. A trip out with the camera can do wonders.

In addition I have found that photography also can favour our physical health. I am now not talking about the benefits from fresh air. Or that our heart and muscles, for example, enjoy a long trek.

My back, notably my lower back, hasn’t always been very cooperative. It has had its fits…

To revisit old and newer images of a particular scene is enjoying and it invokes many great memories from happy moments behind the camera. I find images I more or less have forgotten of which some I still find attractive whereas others indicate that my preferences and taste have evolved during the years.

This time the objective is to revisit red cabin images captured when the cabin and its surroundings are touched by winter. Snow and ice always transform a scene something which opens up for new compositions and possiblities in terms of mood and atmosphere.


I readily admit…

Catherine Simard has during the past years established herself as a major influence in the landscape community with images that are striking, creative, artistic and which, I would say, insist on a response from the viewer like great art should do.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a 30 year old French Canadian based in Quebec. Currently I lead adventure photography workshops around the world, and I’m a brand ambassador for Sony & The North Face.

What made you start out with landscape photography?

In 2016, after completing 2 years of farm work in Australia, I decided to go…

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