10 Outstanding Norwegian Landscape Photographers

Norway is brimming with talent and here are a few photographers whose work is world class. Each has been challenged to write a few words about themselves and to provide one of their favorite images from the past year. Click on an image to view full size. (‘ø’ is the same vowel as in girl = gørl).

Ole Jørgen Liodden

Ole J Liodden has specialized in photography in polar regions with more than 50 photo expeditions the last ten years. He is one of the founders of WildPhoto Travel, organizing dedicated photo expeditions to Svalbard, Greenland, Alaska and Antarctica. One of his passions is to photograph wild animals in their environment.


WildPhoto Travel —Tours: Svalbard GreenlandAlaska Antarctica

Morten Eriksen

Self taught landscape photographer from Skien, Norway. He has always enjoyed being outside, and combining hiking and photography has been a perfect match. With a background from economics and business, this creative hobby is far from his daily work. An inner drive for personal development has led him to explore different techniques and equipment the last few years. His style includes common landscapes, long exposure shots and drone photography. Morten is also a big fan of exploring local surroundings for his landscape photography.

Kilebygda, Norway


Frøydis Dalheim

A singer and dedicated landscape photographer from the arctic part of Norway. As a photographer she’s inspired by the voice of nature. She likes to capture moods and atmosphere, and creates images that speak to her and hopefully the viewers as well. Chiefly she portrays the scenery around her in the northern parts of Norway, and she also likes to include herself in a scene and by that adding both a story and scale to a scene. Her pictures are published in several magazines. She is also chosen as «This Year’s Photographer» by the Norwegian design company To-Foto and her pictures will be featured in their Arctic Norway calendar 2020.

Kvalvika, Lofoten, Norway


Roger Kristiansen

Roger Kristiansen is a landscape photographer living in Skien, Norway. He always has had an interest in film and photography, and for being out in nature. Especially film and film-editing were his biggest interests until he the spring of 2017 seriously discovered landscape photography and was totally hooked. Roger is self-taught and is constantly working to improve his skills in the field and post-processing.

Langesund, Norway


Kim Jenssen

Kim Jenssen is a landscape and travel photographer based on the island Senja in northern Norway. Kim has a big passion for traveling and nature, and he always brings his camera with him wherever he goes. Winner of the prestige Landscape photography awards 2018 and Golden Globe winner of “always in good mood”.

Segla, Senja, Norway


Dag Ole Nordhaug

Dag Ole Nordhaug has been photographing landscapes since the the early eighties. Back then, he was of course working with film, including medium and large format, and did most of his darkroom work himself. He is now working in a completely digital workflow with medium format, but has kept his passion for printing. Based in Trondheim, Norway, he mostly explores Norwegian landscapes, but also loves to travel and visit other iconic locations. He has received several prestigious awards, eg winner of the landscape category in International Photography Awards and People’s Choice award in PX3.

Siusi, Süd Tirol, Italy

Instagram500px website

Fredrik Strømme

Fredrik Strømme is a landscape photographer from Trondheim in Norway. Even though he has had an interest in photography from a young age, his passion has grown the last two years. He is self-taught and has spent a lot of time learning the craft of both photography and post-processing, and has worked hard on finding his own style. His preferences in photography are silent forest moments and wild landscapes, often in combination with what others would call bad weather. Being a former artist of digital fantasy art, Fredrik has brought some of these ideas into his photography, frequently aiming for the viewers to imagine worlds unknown.

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, Iceland


Hans Gunnar Aslaksen

Designer and enthusiastic landscape photographer living in Larvik, southern Norway. Hans Gunnar has always enjoyed being out in nature and after bringing his camera to Vøringsfossen in 2016 he was immediately hooked. Combining the skills from his profession as a designer with landscape photography was a perfect match for him. Hans Gunnar is a self-taught photographer and is eager to dive deeper into the fantastic world of landscape photography. Brand ambassador for NiSi Filters. Photographer of the Year 2018, Capture Landscapes.

Reinsfossen, Norway


Christian Hoiberg

Christian Hoiberg is an internationally awarded landscape photographer, workshop leader and photography instructor based in Norway who spends most of the year showing other photographers the beauty of places such as Arctic Norway, Faroe Islands and Greenland. When Christian is not on a tour, he’s most likely found pressing buttons on his keyboard, trying to formulate tutorials and content for his website or other online publications. He might also be found exploring a new destination abroad or at home watching a good movie in the comfort of his couch. His work has been featured by several international magazines and licensed by many well-known companies such as GoreTex and Adobe.

Storvatnet, Lofoten, Norway


Arild Heitmann

Arild Heitmann is a photographer based in the heart of Northern Norway. He is the co-founder of Lofoten Tours, the leading photography workshop company in Norway, offering workshops all around the world. His biggest passion is capturing hard-to-reach mountain scenes in his beloved mountains in the north. He is perhaps most known for his dedication when it comes to capturing the aurora borealis.

Misty Mountains

Landscape photographer and math teacher from Norway — Website: https://www.olehenrikskjelstad.com/